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Process industries: DEPREUX

Depreux history started in the mines and it took some time before the process industries recognized the added value of the "robust" belts offered by Depreux.

All these industries are looking for minimizing maintenance costs, minimizing downtime and maximizing life expectancy, at the same time as they are reducing their own personnel.

Depreux with its local vulcanizing partner companies is at the front line to satisfy the market requirements.

We have been able to offer:

  • belts with tonnage transported

  • long term contracts

  • special performance belts: solid-woven with thick covers, plied belts with steel breakers, straight-warp belts, heat-resistant belts, oil resistant belts for recycling industries, etc.,

and we have become a leading supplier for this industry, alike the mines.

Depreux has an impressive range of conveyor belts suitable for the process industry.

Standard and specialised belts for bulk material handling in the different sectors ( cement, steel, power plants, recycling industries,… )

A) For abrasion and impact resistant applications: multiply DELTA textile belts, textile belts with steel breaker DELTA BS, straight-warp textile belts DX-FLEX, straight-warp aramide belts DX-FLEXAMID, straight-warp steel mesh belts DX-MAT, solid-woven belts with rubber covers DYNA, steel-cord belts DX-ST

B) Same construction for transport of oily and fat material DELTAFAT/DYNAFAT

C) For transport of hot material DELTATHERM

D) Or where fire-resistance is required DELTAFLAM

E) Transport of sticky material DELTA-STICK

F) Belts for transport of material on high inclination conveyors

  • cross rigid belts with sidewalls DX-CROSS
  • elevators belts
  • chevron belts DX-CHEV
  • tubular conveyors (DX-TUBE)

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