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Quarries, Harbours and Opencast mines: DEPREUX

Depreux is a recognized supplier of abrasion-resistant belts for this market.

Our strong points are:

Our long experience in weaving - we understand better than the others the special applications that require extra robust carcasses or a controlled elongation (multiply, straight-warp or solid-woven belts)

Our excellent cover properties

Our innovative spirit - as an example, we were the first company to have proposed a 1000 N/mm straight-warp DX-FLEX with a single ply

Our knowledge on the operation of control systems and our local technical support

Our large supporting stock mainly in France, Poland and in the USA.

We supply the widest range of belts for these aboveground quarry, mining and harbour activities

Standard and specialised belts for the Quarries, Harbours and Opencast mines:

Depreux offers standard and specialized conveyor for abrasion and impact resistant applications:

  • multiply DELTA textile belts
  • textile belts with steel breaker DELTA BS
  • straight-warp textile belts DX-FLEX
  • straight-warp aramide belts DX-FLEXAMID
  • straight-warp with steel mesh belts DX-MAT
  • solid-woven belts with rubber covers DYNA
  • steel-cord belts DX-ST
  • Note: If the harbour is a coal terminal, then fire-resistant belts might be required.

a belt has to  be resistant to impact

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