Indi Business
Indi Business

The INDI business is a subsidiary of the TRANSCO business. The INDI range includes 4 types of products:

1) Special rubber plied belts with honeycomb pattern LIFT and GRIP for the transport of individual items where there is a steep incline. The carcass is in 2 plies (resistance 315N/mm) or 3 plies (resistance 400N/mm), the top cover is with a honeycomb pattern and no cover on the bottom.

The honeycomb pattern is suited to handling objects on a steep incline. The conveying surface has deep patterns for the effective moving upwards of loads.
2 types of pattern are offered: LIFT (Round honeycomb) and GRIP (Twill Honeycomb) with different grip gum surface

2) Special belts for Cardboard-industry: CARTON
The carcass is made from 3 cotton/polyester plies with rubber interlayer between the plies.
The top fabric is lightly coated with a light-coloured elastomer to enable sliding on a slider bed, a proper driving by a bare drum, and no marking on the item transported. This belt is particularly suited for conveying cardboard or PVC packages and for cardboard factory machine conveyor belts of a small width (50 to 200mm).

3) Special belts for the rubber industry: COTTON
The belts are made of 3,4 or 5 cotton plies with no interlayers, with beige or red rubber covers (C=cover) 0,5mm or with no cover (B=bare).
They are used for the transport of cured or uncured rubber parts.
Range of COTTON:
COTTON C+C The rubber covers of this belt are red
COTTON B+B The rubber covers of this belt are beige
COTTON SIL C+B This belt can also be made with a reddish silicone top cover. It is used in the tyre industry for handling bulk raw elastomer and hot finished products

4) Solid-woven belts with (C=cover) or without PVC cover (B=bare), in tensile strength 250N/mm and 315N/mm, called PACK, used often in the postal services.
Range of PACK:
PACK C+C = cover on top and bottom
PACK C+B = cover on top, bare on bottom
PACK B+B = bare on top and bottom




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