Depreux Business
Depreux Business

DEPREUX conveyor belts are robust belts for the mining, quarries, tunnelling and heavy processing industry (steel, cement, power plants, harbour terminals, .......).

Harbour Terminal Quarry
Underground Mine Indian Tunnel

DEPREUX strong points are:

  • DEPREUX is one of the three world technological leaders in the field of robust belts for mining.
  • DEPREUX has always optimised its designs, robustness and durability, whether in textile (plied and slid-woven) belts or in steel-cord belts with specially designed textile carcasses or steel breakers for plied or steel-cord belts.
  • DEPREUX belts are known to be particularly resistant to impact on material loading and all kind of potential hazards (impact damage, tearing, edges rubbing,…) that can happen in the mining and quarrying sector as well as in the main conveyors of the heavy industry sectors.
  • DEPREUX is also one of the top experts in the manufacture of Fire-Resistant belts to be used for aboveground and underground in compliance with the different World Standards.
  • DEPREUX is only one of the very few manufacturers to fully master the weaving technology that can produce both standard and special plied EP/EE/PP fabrics as well as Solid-Woven fabrics to suit the most stringent customer specifications and requirements.


In addition to its standard program, DEPREUX can design and manufacture custom belts to suit special requirements.


DEPREUX is with the COBRA Group involved in the conveyor system as a whole. DEPREUX thoroughly understands all the parameters in a conveyor to maximize the lifetime and minimize down time of the materials handling system.






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